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VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Diners Club
For securing security, we use SSL technology to encrypt when sending credit numbers.
Regarding the use of installment payments, it depends on the card company, so please Contact Us your card company.



後払い(コンビニ・郵便局・銀行・LINE Pay)


商品の到着を確認してから、「コンビニ」「郵便局」「銀行」「LINE Pay」で後払いできる安心・簡単な決済方法です。


※ The following services can not be used. Please note.
· Post office · Fare company office stop (pick up at business office)
· Product transfer
· Delivery at a store convenience store


【I recommend this hotel】

"I want to resolve it after receiving the item first!" "I do not want to enter the number of the credit card ..."
Even when it says "I do not want to pay before seeing the actual thing of goods", if the deferred payment, the invoice will arrive after receiving the goods so relief! You do not need to enter the card number like credit payment.
"I want to pay at the site, but often tend to go out and not at home ..."
If you are deferred, you do not have to pay when you receive the goods, so you do not need to prepare money according to receipt. It is also possible to receive it using an apartment or apartment home delivery box.
"I want to send shoes and bags as gifts to those who are important!"
When shoes and bags purchased at the shoe concierge are gifted, you can separately deliver the destination of the gift and the destination of the invoice in postpay which the product and invoice are sent separately.
"I want to shop before paying days!"
Postpay invoices will arrive after receiving the item. Moreover, since payment deadline is within 14th days from issue, if payday is coming within payment deadline, you can pay after pay day.
Cash on delivery

Please pay the delivery trader at the time of goods arrival.
In the case of COD, a fee of ¥ 330 (tax included) will be charged separately.


Payment method?

料金のお支払いには「クレジットカード払い」「後払い(コンビニ・郵便局・銀行・LINE Pay)」「代金引換」の3種類がございます。

I'd like to change my payment method

Changing the payment method after your order can not be received, sorry to trouble you, but please order again.
In that case, we will cancel your order, so please contact us.

How much is the cash on delivery commission?

The COD fee is ¥ 330 (tax included).

How much is the shipping fee?


Can I enter my credit card number?

Please be assured we will encrypt using SSL technology when sending the credit number to secure security on this site.

When will my credit be withdrawn?

It depends on your card. Please Contact Us your card company.

How many times can I pay for credits?

It depends on your card. Please Contact Us your card company.

Can I pay bonus with credit?

I am sorry, bonus payment can not be used.

The item arrived, but there is no postpaid bill


The postpaid invoice has been lost.

We will reissue invoices if lost, so please contact us. We will deliver it in about a week.

I do not receive a postpaid invoice

We will reissue invoices if you do not receive them, so please contact us. We will deliver it in about a week.

I have a department store card that contains the shipper's shop, but is there a point?

I am sorry, because it is not purchase at the store, I can not attach a point.