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By registering with a SHOES CONCERGE member, you can use various services.
· Use of private use of My Bage (purchase history, storage in My Clip, multiple registration of delivery destination, browsing of Contact Us history etc.)
· Delivery service of e-mail magazine (latest information such as new arrival merchandise, cheap campaign, event holding etc) ※ Applicant only

【Registration method】Member registration pagePlease fill in the required information from, please register.

【About clip function】By "clipping" the items you care about or favorite search criteria, you can directly access the details screen of the product or the search result screen. "Clip" can be registered from "Clip" displayed on the product details screen.
From My Page, you can display the list of registered items, search conditions, comment input, delete from clip.

【How to change registered contents】Member information change pagePlease input changes contents from above and change the contents of registration.
(Login is required to change registered contents)

【How to unsubscribe】Withdrawal pagePlease fill out the required information from above and please unsubscribe.
(Login is required for withdrawal)

E-mail magazine registration

For those who wish to receive e-mail newsletters, we will send you an e-mail newsletter that will send you the latest information, including SHOES CONCIERGE's new arrivals and feature updates, announcements of campaigns, events held at registered shops.
※ We will deliver the same contents as the e-mail magazine sent to SHOES CONCIERGE members, so "E-mail magazine registration" of the member registered person is not necessary.

【How to Register Email Magazine】E-mail magazine registration · change · release pagePlease fill in the required information from, please register.

【How to change registered contents】E-mail magazine registration · change · release pagePlease cancel mail magazine once from, please register again.

【How to release】E-mail magazine registration · change · release pagePlease enter your e-mail address and then cancel it.


Can I buy without registering as a member?

You can use it even if you do not register as a member, but if you become a member you can use the members-only service.
Member registrationHereYou can do it.

I want to change / cancel membership registration of SHOES CONCIERGE members

HereYou can change the registration contents and unsubscribe from. (login is needed)

I would like to change registered contents of e-mail magazine

We are sorry, we can not accept changes in registration information, so onceHereSorry for your inconvenience but please register as new.