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Please read the following terms of service carefully before completing member registration.
If you agree to the terms of service, please proceed to member registration via the "I Agree" button.

<Terms of Service>

Thank you very much for using SHOES CONCIERGE.
SHOES CONCIERGE(以下「当サイト」という)は、株式会社かねまつ(以下「当社」という)が運営する、銀座かねまつのオフィシャルネットショップです。
Based on the following terms (hereinafter referred to as "these terms"), we will provide services to those who browse and use this site (hereinafter referred to as "customers"). By using the service provided by this site (hereinafter referred to as "this service"), you agree to these terms so please read them carefully.
Please note that we may change these terms without your permission.

  • Article 1: Handling of Personal Information
    1. The personal information acquired by our company in connection with the provision of this service shall be handled in accordance with the privacy policy separately specified by us.
  • Article 2: Goods and Sales Terms
    1. The seller of products handled by this service (hereinafter referred to as "product") for the customer is our company.
    2. Regarding sale and purchase of goods in this service, the sales terms stipulated by our company described on this site shall be applied.
    3. In the case where the sales terms of this service differ from the sales conditions in other net shops and stores, the sale terms stipulated by this service shall preferentially be applied.
  • Article 3: Purchase of Goods
    1. To order items, please fill out the required information on this website and follow the method separately specified by us.
    2. We are not responsible for any damages to you or third parties due to incorrect contents entered by you in an order mentioned in the preceding section, possibly resulting in an inability to deliver goods from our company.
    3. After the order procedure referenced in the preceding section, the sale and purchase contract between you and our company shall be established at the time of sending you the mail to inform the inventory confirmation and shipping procedure completion.
    4. When persons under 20 years of age place orders, we assume orders are initiated with the prior consent of a parent or guardian.
    5. Product delivery from this service is limited to Japan.
  • Article 4: Changing/Cancelling Order Details
    1. If you wish to change or cancel the contents of an order after having placed it, we will contact you according to a method specified separately.
    2. If however ordered products have already been shipped by the time you contact us, you will need to use our return/exchange process.
  • Article 5: Payment Methods
    1. The payment amount for products will be the sum total of ordered products' purchase price, consumption tax, and relevant shipping fees.
    2. Regarding payment procedure, it shall be conducted based on the payment method specified separately.
  • Article 6: Ownership and Transfer of Liability
    1. In the case of credit card payment, the ownership and liability of ordered products will be transferred from our company to the customer upon delivery of ordered products to the customer or the customer's designated shipping address.
    2. In the case of cash on delivery or deferred payment, the ownership and liability of ordered products will be transferred from our company to the customer as soon as payment is confirmed.
  • Article 7: Returns and Exchanges Policy
    1. Product returns are limited to items unused (for which resale is possible after the product is returned). However, this is not the case for items that have defects, items that have been misdelivered, or items subject to any mistakes attributable to our company's responsibility.
    2. A product return, described in the preceding terms, shall be conducted in accordance with the procedures specified separately and the customer holds responsibility for any shipping fees incurred during the return process. However, this is not the case for items that have defects, items that have been misdelivered, or items subject to any mistakes attributable to our company's responsibility.
    3. Product returns are accepted within 7 days from the time the ordered goods are delivered to the customer or the customer's designated delivery address.
    4. Product return applications expire within 10 days after our reply email to a product return application.
    5. Procedures for exchanging merchandise should be done by return procedure of the product and procedure for new purchase of the item that is desired to be exchanged. However, this is not the case if there are any defects, misdelivery or other reasons attributable to the Company's responsibility.
  • Article 8: Members
    1. Under these terms, we define a member as a person who has applied for membership registration in accordance with the specified procedures after agreeing to the contents of these terms. Lastly, members must be approved for membership by us.
  • Article 9: Member Registration
    1. Those who wish to register for membership will be required to register in accordance with separately specified procedures and guidelines.
    2. Membership and corresponding members' passwords are non-transferable and cannot be used by or lent to others.
    3. Persons under the age of 20 cannot register for membership without the prior consent of a parent or guardian.
    4. We will send a registration confirmation email upon approving a membership application. Applicants are made members upon receiving their confirmation email.
    5. We reserve the right to approve individual membership applications at our own discretion.
  • Article 10: Changes to Registered Content
    1. In the case of changes being made to all or part of the items registered for the use of this service, members shall promptly change registered content in accordance with separately specified procedures.
  • Article 11: Withdrawal
    1. If one wishes to withdraw from membership, one must withdraw in accordance with separately specified procedures.
    2. Members wishing to withdraw from membership must perform all obligations to our company by the day of withdrawal.
    3. If it is confirmed that the registered e-mail address does not exist, we will be able to carry out the withdrawal procedure without prior notice.
  • Article 12: Management of ID and Password
    1. Members are liable for the safe management and storage of their own IDs and passwords. Members shall not disclose, lend, transfer, exchange, or trade IDs or passwords to third parties.
    2. If in the event a member discovers that their ID and/or password has been stolen or used by a third party, they should notify our company immediately and follow instructions from us.
    3. Members are responsible for any damages due to improper management of ID and password, wrongful use, or unauthorized usage by third parties for which we do not assume any responsibility.
  • Article 13: Usage Suspension of this Service, Revocation of Membership.
    1. For any of the following reasons, we reserve the right to suspend the use of this service and/or cancel membership without any prior notice:
      1. In the event of a breach of Article 15
      2. In the event of a false declaration or notification to our company
      3. In the event of a delay or failure to fulfill obligations to us
      4. If it is found that one's usage of the service has been suspended or one's membership has been revoked in the past due to a violation of these terms
      5. If one is unable to receive products or services for a prolonged period of time
      6. When we can not send e-mail to our registered e-mail address without our responsibility, and when we judge that the member can not receive e-mail
      7. In the event of interference with service operation, regardless of means
      8. In the event these terms are violated
      9. If we judge there to be a legitimate reason for usage suspension or membership revocation
    2. Those who have suspended the use of services or withdrawn their membership pursuant to the provision of preceding terms shall perform all obligations to our company by a date designated by us.
  • Article 14: Intellectual Property Rights
    1. All rights, including all content, text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, resources, data edited or hosted on this site, all other copyrights contained in this site belong to our company or our affiliated partners.
    2. Reproduction, reprinting, processing, and other use of copyrighted work specified in the preceding term is prohibited for purposes other than your own private use without our consent,
  • Article 15: Prohibited Matter
    1. You shall not commit the following acts in or while using our site:
      1. Acts of infringing upon or restricting rights of other customers, telecommunications companies related to this service, our affiliated parties, property rights, privacy and others in addition to anything damaging to public morals.
      2. Acts that hinder the operation of this service or are likely to interfere with this service.
      3. Acts aimed towards profit through or related to this site without our approval or acts aimed at preparing to profit off of our website without permission.
      4. Acts that hinder our company's business or each store managed by our company as well as acts of slander.
      5. Using false credentials for membership registration.
      6. Illegally, or otherwise without permission,, using an ID, password, or email address.
      7. Using this service by misusing a credit card.
      8. Acts contrary to the public order and morals, unlawful acts, or acts of intimidation.
      9. Other such acts we deem inappropriate.
  • Article 16: Changing/Stopping the Contents of Services
    1. We reserve the right to change, add, or abolish all or part of the contents of this service without any prior notice.
    2. We are not responsible for any damage caused by a change or suspension of service content.
  • Article 17: Interruption and Suspension of Service
    1. We may temporarily suspend the provision of this service without prior notice if we fall under any of the following:
      1. In the event of natural disasters, accidents, or other such emergencies, also if there is any risk of such an occurrence
      2. In the event of necessary service maintenance
      3. In the event of service failure
      4. In the event we judge that a temporary suspension of service is necessary
    2. If any of the circumstances of Section 1 are assumed, we will notify you by a contact method we deem appropriate.
    3. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the interruption or cancellation of the service.
  • Article 18: Disclaimer
    1. The provision of this service fulfills its obligations based on your registered information.
    2. We are not responsible for any direct or indirect damage to you or third parties regarding delayed delivery of products or cancellation of orders caused by natural disasters, weather, system trouble, or other unexpected circumstances.
    3. We are not responsible for any damage caused by customer failure to use the service, regardless of cause.
    4. We are not responsible for any damages to you or third parties due to unfair actions taken by third parties.
    5. We are not responsible to any damage incurred by third parties as a result of your using this service.
    6. You will be responsible for all costs related to communications equipment, software, contracts with communication companies, and communication charges necessary for using this service.
    7. We cannot be held responsible for any differences between the information on this website and the products caused by your communication environment.
  • Article 19: Miscellaneous
    1. In principle, we will contact you via email regarding the use of this service.
    2. In the event of a dispute arising between us and yourself related to the site, we will negotiate with each other in good faith to reach a resolution.
  • Article 20: Governing Law
    1. Applicable law concerning these terms shall be Japanese law.
  • Article 21: Jurisdictional Court
    1. Regarding disputes related to the use of this service, Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court for any first instances.
  • Appendix
    Established and implemented on September 1st 2010
    July 15th, 2011 Partial revision
    Revised on April 1st 2019