Easy to order abroad

You can receive SHOES CONCIERGE's products overseas by using "overseas shipping (international shipping) substitution service" transfer com ".
To use the service, you will need to register separately with the transfer com.

Flow of use


Register in transfer comm
Get the address of Japan!

When registering in transfercom you will issue a dedicated address in Japan.
(Free registration)


Purchase your favorite items

Please enter the exclusive address issued in STEP 1 to the addressee of the purchase form.Be sure to select "Credit card payment" when using.


Forwarding goods to outside Japan

The goods arrived at the warehouse of transfer com located in Japan. We will ship internation shipping fee and we will ship the item outside of Japan.

※ For transfer, we can not handle packages purchased at "SHOES CONCIERGE" "cash on delivery" "postpay".
For that reason, we will cancel your order if you choose "cash on delivery" or "postpay" as payment method.
※ For transfer insurance, we inspect all the luggage that arrived at the warehouse, we will open the package at the warehouse even for gifts Correspondence products.
Therefore, SHOES CONCIERGE can not accept gift wrapping service when using transfer com. Please note.
* Transfer com is a service that Transport Com is independently managing. If you have any questions about transfer procedure please Contact Us transfer.

About usage charge

When the goods arrive at the transfer warehouse, you will pay the usage fee at the transfer com website.
From the package you have paid, it will be international shipping procedure.


580yen ~(Transfer fee 50 yen ~ + international shipping fee 530 yen ~)

※ The usage fee will vary depending on the weight of the package / addressee.
* A separate shipping fee of 660 yen(tax included) will be charged for delivery to SHOES CONCIERGE's warehouse.


  • For returns and exchanges of purchased items, please refer to "SHOES CONCIERGE Usage Guide"About returned goods / exchange"Please refer to the.

  • For cancellation of your order, please refer to "SHOES CONCIERGE Usage Guide"About your order"Please refer to the.

※ If the size does not match, it is different from the image, etc. In case of return due to customer's convenience, the shipping fee for return will be paid by the customer.
Please understand beforehand that return shipping fee will not be accepted.
* When returning goods purchased from outside Japan, customs duty will be charged according to the price of goods.
In that case, customs duty · consumption tax will be paid by the customer, so please be forewarned.
※ After sending the e-mail subject "Delivery procedure start notice", we can not accept changes / cancellations of orders.