About the product


Even with the same color name, color taste differs depending on the product, so please be careful.
Depending on the monitor you use, there may be a difference in the color taste on the screen and the color taste of the actual product. Please note.


For details on the size of shoes and bagsSize ChartPlease refer to the.


For products using natural leather, there may be discoloration, please be careful.
Materials such as sequins and glitter may get sequins when rubbing, peeling off glitter.
In this case, please be aware that we will be unable to repair even with repair.
enamel material is in contact with other materials, color transfer may occur.
Please wrap it with thin paper or cloth bag, and please do not touch other materials.


Shoes with decorations such as corsages and ribbons may get hurt if they get caught on walking, so please be especially careful.
In addition, we can hear repairs when decorations are taken or damaged, so please tell us.
Unit sole with integrated heel and (shoe) sole can not be replaced with heel only.
(shoe) sole It will be replaced as a whole and the price will also be high, so we recommend that you frequently replace top lift (the rubber part at the bottom of heel) frequently.
In some open toe and sandals, we use light color and metallic leather for the toe portion of the insole.
In the case of such shoes, finger marks may stand out or come off, so we recommend using a commercially available protector etc.

Features in manufacturing process

In the process of molding a flat material into a three-dimensional shoe shape, we fix the material in a last and make it by hand of skilled craftsmen, so "marks of nails when fixing" remains in the heel as a hole I will. Since it is not a defective product, please feel easy.
In addition, products are manufactured by manual work by craftsmen, without relying only on machinery. Therefore, because there may be some differences from the notation size, please be forewarned.

  • In the case of pumps

  • For boots


We will be looking for products to deliver from the stock of the store, so other customers may be trying on.
We are not able to search for not tried items, so please be forewarned.
Handling PrecautionsPlease also see the page of.


I would like to know a guide for size selection

Estimated sizeHerePlease refer to the.

I would like to know how many European sizes are

About the size tableHere: please see the page.​ ​

Although it is not on the net, can you buy the product you saw at the store?

I'm sorry, there are items that we do not deal with at our site such as store limited products, some imported goods, small items etc. Please purchase at the shop front.

Previously, I would like the products I saw with SHOES CONCIERGE, but will not it come out even if I search?

We are sorry, products sold out or posted may not be displayed in search results.

I want to know the store where the product's inventory is located

You can check it on "Product handling store" on the product detail screen.
Since the products of this site share inventory of the store, there is a possibility of the sold out or the reservation item at the store even in the notation with stock, so please be forewarned.

About re-arrival

Regardless of the presence or absence of re-arrival of goods, depending on the product, please Contact Us after specifying the product number, color, material and size.

I want insole

When ordering, if you can describe as "Sushi bundled hope" in the comment field I will put up.

There is a hole in the heel part of both feet. I want to return for defective goods

In the process of manufacturing shoes, to fix the leather to the last , it is a hole that can be made when striking a nail. Please do not worry because it is not a defective product.

How long does this product go?

I'm sorry but there are individual differences in feel and appearance, so I can not answer certainly.
We will advise you for reference level.

This product looks whitish when looking at the screen, but what color is it?

I'm sorry but there are individual differences in how I feel the color, and how I see it depends on the monitor you use, so I can not answer certainly.
We will advise you for reference level.

I usually wear 23.0 cm, which size should I buy here?

I am sorry, I can not do a detailed answer unless you actually see your feet.
We will advise you for reference level.
(Since comfort will change according to brand, design and materials etc, shoes that are worn usually, so please note beforehand)

I bought two pairs with different brands, but the size feeling is different. Which one is not the right size?

We manufacture products of any brand in the same size as indicated.
As comfort differs not only from the brand but also from last design, design, materials, please be forewarned.

Buy 22.5 cm items. I measured 23.0 cm when measuring the (shoe) sole thought that it was big. Is it a defective item?

The size of the notation is not the actual size of the shoe but the size of the foot worn by the shoes so it is not a defective product, so please understand.
Adjustments are accepted at nearby stores, so please use it by all means.

What is the order handling?

Regarding order shoes (bag), we are accepting at GINZA Kanematsu Ginza 6-chome main store · coutureier.
For more informationHerePlease refer to the.