About aftercare


Leather goods can be used longer and beautiful by regular maintenance.
Regarding how to care for each material, refer to "About care"Please refer to the.


Regarding the content of adjustmentAbout adjustment"Please refer to the.
Furthermore, as it is an adjustment while actually seeing your feet and your shoes, we can not accept your adjustment by mailing.
In addition, we can not accept shipping after adjusting the items you ordered, please be forewarned.


Regarding repair content, fee, deposit period, "About repair"Please refer to the.
Homogeneous materials of the same color may not be available. Please note.

Please be careful

We also accept replacement heel at repair, but the strength of the insole will decline with each replacement heel. It is recommended to change the top lift(top lift) frequently before the heel is damaged.
Some shoe repair stores may cut heel or install mismatched top lift(top lift) during top lift(top lift) replacement.
If you repair like this, the strength of the heel may be severely compromised, the balance of the structure may be lost, there is a danger of leading to heel removal and heel breaking.
Please be sure to tell us your repair.
Please note that we are not responsible for any damage that may be caused by repair or adjustment by another company.


I would like to know how to care for shoes and bags

How to care is different depending on the material. Detailed care methodsHerePlease refer to the.

I'd like to make adjustments as the sizes are getting fit

We will adjust as you actually see your feet, so we can not accept the adjustment by post.

I want to repair


Repair days, how much is it?

It varies depending on the repair part etc. For more informationHerePlease refer to the.